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Retro Radio

Modern Classic Rock

Welcome To The Rebirth Of RETRO RADIO!


"Retro Radio" is a commercial-free music format that features Classic Rock music with a twist.

"This format is an offshoot of 'The Hi-Fi Club,' a weekly music and nostalgia program we've done since 2006," Retro Radio music consultant Mike Shannon said. "We've taken many of the show's elements and built a radio station around them."

Retro Radio's music library primarily consists of Modern Classic Rock, an untried format in DFW radio, which features higher-energy rock songs from 1975-1995. Weekday programming focuses on 1980s music.


Modern Classic Rock is simply the best energetic rock hits and not-so-deep cuts from 1975-1995. These are the songs that typical Classic Rock-formatted stations have forgotten, or choose to ignore because they aren't all 'safe bets' to satisfy the average listener. But isn't the 'average listener' tired of 300-song playlists and hearing only the #1 hits from a given artist? Retro Radio understands this, and has dug deep into the vault to build a solid playlist that'll make you go, "Ahhhhh!" or, "When's the last time I heard THAT one?" Artists like Boston, Nirvana, Van Halen, Bob Seger, Journey, Triumph, .38 Special, Stone Temple Pilots, Billy Squier, Loverboy, The Fixx, The Police, Alice in Chains, Styx, Live and Aerosmith round out the Retro Radio playlist.

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